Our Team

Our Team

Administrative & Leadership Teams

The Administrative and Leadership teams manage the Library's daily operations.

Administrative Team

Administrative Group
AnnaMarie Cornett, Director of Strategic Initiatives

AnnaMarie Cornett

Director of Strategic Initiatives
Anne Donworth, Director of Development, Communications and Marketing

Anne Donworth

Director of Development, Communications and Marketing
Clarissa Thomas, Director of Education

Clarissa Thomas

Director of Education
Heather Dieffenbach - Executive Director

Heather Dieffenbach

Executive Director
Kevin Imai - Human Resources Director

Kevin Imai

Human Resources Director
Rob Parmley, Director of Operations

Rob Parmley

Director of Operations
Rob Serrate - Chief Administrative Officer

Rob Serrate

Chief Administrative Officer
Tonya Head, Deputy Director

Tonya Head

Deputy Director

Leadership Team

Leadership Team
Beaumont Branch Manager, Abby McCurry

Abby McCurry

Beaumont Branch
Amanda Wheeler

Amanda Wheeler

Experiential Learning Manager
Education Department
Ashley Sipple-McGraw, Eastside Branch Manager

Ashley Sipple-McGraw

Eastside Branch
Bobby Webb, Virtual Branch Manager

Bobby Webb

Virtual Services
Brian Hocevar - Northside Branch Manager

Brian Hocevar

Northside Branch
David Bryant - Central Library Manager

David Bryant

Central Library
Jamie West, Learning and Development Manager

Jamie West

Learning and Development Manager
Human Resources
Jenny Smith, Village Branch Manager

Jenny Smith

Marksbury Family Branch
Kate Baughman

Kate Baughman

Marketing Department
Kelli Parmley, Community Relations Manager

Kelli Parmley

Community Relations Manager
Education Department
Lori Davis, Workforce Development Manager

Lori Davis

Workforce Development Manager
Education Department
Mariam Addarrat, Collection Services Manager

Mariam Addarrat

Collection Services
Mike Connolly, Facilities Manager

Mike Connolly

Facilities Manager
Support Services
Paige Smith, Development Manager

Paige Smith

Development Manager
Library Foundation
Susan Price, Tates Creek Branch Manager

Susan Price

Tates Creek Branch
Will McGinnis, Information Technology Manager

Will McGinnis

Information Technology Manager
Support Services

Board of Trustees

The governance of Lexington Public Library is under the direction of 7 Trustees and up to 10 Advisors who guide the long-term strategies for the Lexington Public Library, including the long range plan, annual budget cycle, advocating for the library and for library customers, and policy recommendations.

Job Openings

The Lexington Public Library is an exceptional organization with an exceptional staff. We pride ourselves in creating a great atmosphere in which to work, grow and be a community partner. Come be a part of the LPL team.

Current Openings


The Lexington Public Library welcomes your time and talents! There are a number of volunteer opportunities available, and we will accommodate your preferences for location and hours as much as possible.