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Volunteer at the Lexington Public Library

The Lexington Public Library welcomes your time and talents! There are a number of volunteer opportunities available, and we will accommodate your preferences for location and hours as much as possible.

To get started volunteering, check out the descriptions and links to apply below. Contact our Volunteer Coordinator if you have questions or need help completing your application.

Already an approved Lexington Public Library Volunteer?

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How Can I Volunteer?

LPL After School

LPL After School is a FREE drop-in program for kids aged 5-12 that takes place after regular school hours on Mondays through Fridays. Volunteers are needed during this time to assist program participants with reading, homework, and STEAM and other enrichment activities! Snacks will continue to be provided to youth age 18 and younger courtesy of God's Pantry. Volunteer shifts are offered 4:00-6:00 PM Monday-Friday at Village and Northside Branches. Click here to learn more and apply

Makerspace @ Eastside

Makerspace Volunteers: Interested in assisting folks making, doing, and crafting? Volunteers are needed on a regular basis in our Makerspace at Eastside Branch! No specific experience is required, but experience with computers is preferred. Makerspace volunteers must be able to commit at least 3 months to a regular schedule, be 18 years or older, and have an interest in creating and helping others. Volunteers can expect to assist customers of all abilities and skill levels, ranging from teens to adults. No two days will be the same, so volunteers should be comfortable assisting customers with a wide range of projects. Current volunteer shifts are Thursdays from 3:30 pm- 5:30 pm, Fridays from 3:30 pm- 5:30 pm, 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month from 1:30 pm- 4:30 pm, and 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month from 1:30 pm- 4:30 pm. Click here to learn more and apply.

Next Chapter Book Club Co-Facilitator

Next Chapter Book Club Co-Facilitator is an opportunity for committed and consistent volunteers to assist with a bi-monthly book club at the Beaumont Branch. The Next Chapter Book Club is committed to providing opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to read, learn and make friends in a relaxed, community setting. A librarian and a volunteer will serve as co-facilitators, and will gather with the participants of the book club for one-hour to read aloud and discuss a book. The schedule is not yet set, but is anticipated to be the twice a month on Tuesday afternoons. Volunteers should have experience working with adults with developmental disabilities or comparable experience. Long-term, consistent commitment is important to this role, so volunteers should be able to commit to bi-monthly co-facilitating the program. In addition to the traditional onboarding for volunteers, there is an online training to be completed through the Next Chapter Book Club organization. Click here to learn more and apply.

Volunteer Dungeon Masters

Volunteer Dungeon Masters are needed to assist Lexington Public Library staff with their ongoing D&D programs at the Eastside Branch. The program is the first Saturday of each month from 2-4:40 pm, and the Third Thursday of each month from 4-6:30 pm. Volunteers are needed to run a game as a Dungeon Master (DM) and should have experience as a DM, experience working with beginner players as well as seasoned players, and experience working with, teaching, or assisting kids 11 and older. Sessions may be one-shots or part of the current campaigns. Volunteers should be patient, friendly, and enthusiastic! A regular schedule is preferred. Click here to learn more and apply.

ESOL- English Conversation Group

ESOL- English Conversation Group is an opportunity at our Tates Creek Branch for anyone learning English to practice their skills and meet new people. Volunteers can expect to assist with leading/moderating a conversation group for English Language Learners to practice their conversation, speaking, and listening skills. The weekly classes will be informal and will be open for any levels, and any native language. Required skills and experience for volunteers include: being comfortable communicating with limited English speaking population; having an understanding and acceptance of diverse populations; having experience leading groups and serving as moderator of up to 20 people; and being an encouraging presence with a positive attitude. This program is Fridays from 10-11:30 AM. Click here to learn more and apply.

Book Buddies

Book Buddies is a free home delivery service for permanently homebound adults. Volunteers are matched one-on-one with a patron and deliver books on a regular basis. This is a longer-term volunteer commitment for adults over age 21. Click here to learn more and apply

Volunteering As-Needed for One-Time Events

Volunteering As-Needed for One-Time Events: Opportunities for volunteers may include helping with large-scale library events by directing foot traffic, giving instructions to patrons of a program, and helping library staff to set up/clean up before or after a program; helping to prepare materials for programs ahead of time like filling folders or making craft materials; and other one-time opportunities where we just need a little help! Click here to learn more and apply

Share Your Skills!

Do you have specialized skills, like knitting, 3-D printing, resume and job seeking, banking and financial literacy, and so much more that you want to share with library programs? Or does your business/ company want you to be engaged in community service? Click here to submit a volunteer opportunity request.

General Volunteer Information

What to Consider Before Applying:

  •     How much time do you want to commit to a volunteer role?
  •     What experience do you have that would prepare you for your volunteer job?
  •     What are you looking for in your volunteer experience?

What You Should Have:

  •     A commitment to your volunteer role
  •     A positive attitude
  •     A desire to support and extend library services

Volunteer FAQs

What is the minimum age to volunteer?

The minimum age to volunteer is 14 years old. Parent/guardian permission is required for any volunteers aged 14-17. Certain roles for volunteers aged 14-17 may require an adult chaperone to volunteer with them.​

What is the volunteer application process?

In order to begin volunteering with the Lexington Public Library, you will need to:

  •     Complete a volunteer application (A parent/guardian must electronically sign the application if the volunteer is under the age of 18.)
  •     Complete and pass a criminal background check (if 18 or older)
  •     Complete a screening either in person or on the phone with the Volunteer Coordinator
  •     Complete a volunteer orientation
  •     Be placed in a volunteer role
  •     Complete ‘on the job’ or in advance training, depending on the volunteer role

What will I get from this volunteer experience?

  • Opportunities to share your talents and develop new skills
  • Chances to socialize, make new friends, and develop networking contacts
  • Experience you can put on your college, job, or scholarship application
  • The opportunity to actively participate in and contribute to your community
  • Satisfaction and pride in your work, knowing that the library is able to expand support for daily tasks and special projects while enhancing customer experiences because of you

Do you provide volunteering opportunities for court-ordered community service?

The Lexington Public Library does not offer volunteer opportunities for court-ordered community service.

What is my time commitment to volunteering with the library?

Volunteer roles have varying time commitments. Many roles require a longer term commitment, for several months or even a year. Other roles, especially for teens, may require less of a time commitment. Volunteers are expected to fulfill their time commitment to Lexington Public Library as it is agreed upon at the time of acceptance and scheduling.

How Else Can I Volunteer?


The Friends of the Library operate a bookstore – Friends Book Cellar – in the lower level of the Central Library. Money raised by selling books and gifts supports new and ongoing Library programs and services. Help is needed with sorting, shelving, and selling books. Call 859-231-5505 for more information. Click here to apply.