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The Publications Collection contains runs of historical Kentucky newspapers, almanacs, and magazines. 

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Black Community News

The Black Community News Collection compiles searchable newspaper articles and ads for local Black community events, schools, social gatherings, church events, obituaries, and wedding announcements in older local newspapers in the library’s collection.

The Reporter (1808-1817)

The Reporter was published from March 1808-September 1817. The name of the paper changed to Kentucky Reporter in October 1817.

Kentucky Pioneer Genealogy and Records Magazine

The Kentucky Pioneer Genealogy and Records Magazine published various articles about early Kentucky history.

The Kentucky Reporter (1817-1830)

The Kentucky Reporter was published from Oct. 1817 to April 1832, the digitized collection contains through Dec. 1830.

The Kentucky Gazette (1787-1840)

The Kentucky Gazette was the first paper established and printed west of the Allegheny Mountains, founded by John and Fielding Bradford.

The Daily Argonaut (Lexington, KY)

The Daily Argonaut began in 1895 and seems to have ceased publication in 1899. This collection includes scattered issues from 1896, 1897 and 1898.

The Cochran Chronicle

The Cochran Chronicle is a neighborhood paper from 1960, centered on Cochran Road in Lexington, KY.

Daily Lexington Atlas Newspaper

The Daily Lexington Atlas was published from late 1847 through early 1849. The paper was supportive of the Whig party, and was against ending slavery.

The True American

The True American was an anti-slavery newspaper started by Cassius Marcellus Clay in June 1845. It ran until 1847.

Kentucky Almanacs

The Kentucky almanac collection contains old regional almanacs.

Kentucky Progress Magazine

The “Kentucky Progress Magazine” was used by the Kentucky Progress Commission to promote Kentucky, and features local interest stories, photographs of people, places, and activities.