Photos from Village Branch

Introducing the new Marksbury Family Branch!

Thank you for helping us reach our goal! 

Thanks to generous investments from the Marksbury Family Foundation, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the City of Lexington with American Rescue Plan Act funding, and hundreds of other local philanthropists, the Lexington Public Library Foundation raised $8.3 million to support this $17 million project.   

These funds not only make it possible to open a new state-of-the-art facility but also ensure the quality staffing, reading materials, and programming that our community deserves and that will transform the Cardinal Valley neighborhood. 

Thank you for investing in your public library.

If you would like to discuss how we can partner to achieve your philanthropic goals, we would be glad to connect and share more information. 

Paige Halpin Smith
Development Manager
859-231-5500, ext. 1056

Project Overview

The new, 30,000-square-foot library is built on the same footprint as the original Village Branch that opened in 2004. Alongside a network of trusted partners within the Latinx, immigrant, and refugee communities, staff at Village Branch created programs addressing the neighborhood’s unique needs, including homework help, Spanish-language GED preparation classes, English as a Second Language classes, food service, and assistance with social services.   
This branch is a vital resource in the Cardinal Valley neighborhood, and with the support of our community, the new library will expand its impact even further.   
We are humbled by and grateful for the generosity and support from all corners of our community, as well as in the state. The Marksbury Family Branch Library is only possible because of these investments.   
Naming opportunities for some spaces remain. If you would like to discuss how we can partner to achieve your philanthropic goals, we would be glad to connect and share more information. Please contact us with any questions at

Marksbury Family Branch Donors

Betty Abdmishani

Christopher & Jean Abner

Jill Abney

Elizabeth Adams

Colby & Heather Adams-Blair

Deborah Addessi

Lisa Adkins

Ban Alattar

James and Rosa Allison

Lezlie Allison

Linda Diane Ames

Linda Angelucci

Anonymous X 19

Stephanie & David Arnold

Mike and Elizabeth Asay

Asio Capital

Kevin Ausbrook

Baird Foundation Inc.

Denali Stud Inc.

Bank of America

E.S Barr & CO

Vickie Batzka

William B. Rogers Beasley

Anthany and Eunice Beatty

Lynda Bebrowsky

Matthew S Beebe

Rania Belmadani

DeLaine Bender

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Thelma M. Bergman

Jennifer & Stefan Bird-Pollan

Janice Birdwhistell

Amy Jo Black

M. Cary and Nancy C. Blaydes

Blue Grass Community Foundation

Bluegrass Sotheby's International Realty - Becky Reinhold & Jimmy Turek

Alanson H. and Charles H. Boden

Simon Boes

Hilary J. Boone Foundation

Beverly Bouse

Katie Bouvier

Ramsey Bova & Robert Hammond

Laura and Zack Bray

Kimberly & David Brennen

Richard Brooks

Rod Brotherton

James A. and Martha R. Brown Charitable Foundation

Miranda Brown

Susan Brown

Machiko Bruzina

John Buckner

Wells Bullard & Harding Dowell

Mike & Karen Burke

Diana Byrne

Victoria Calabrese

Craig Cammack

Eli and Mary Lynne Capilouto

Linda W. Carey

Matthew Carter

Harriet & Jay Cason

Michael Chambers

Ellen and Bill Chapman

Roger and Nancy Chesser

Joe F. Childers

Christian Word Ministries Inc.

Laura Clifford

Coldiron Oil Company

Ralph A. & Susan Coldiron

Elizabeth Combs

Commerce Lexington

Community Trust Bank

Monica Conrad

William L. Cooper

AnnaMarie Cornett

Cowgill Partners

Gloria Lynn Crabtree

Gary and Nancy Craft

Kathi Crowe

Krystin Cutwright

Bethany Breeze Davenport

Suzanne Davis

W. Clayton Davis

Lucian & Alice Dearborn

John and Sandra Deaton

Cynthia B. Deitz

Dentons Bingham Greenebaum

Kimberly DeSimone

Mary Davis Dicken

Heather & Rich Dieffenbach

Erin Dilger

Donna Gene Dixon

Anne Donworth

Sarah E. D'Orazio

David Dowell

Susan Downing

Aisling Duignan

Mark Wilson Eastland

Rachel Eberhart

Rolf M. Embertson

EOP Architects | Champlin Architecture

Carolyn Watson

Claude H. and Elizabeth Farley

Roda M Ferraro & Judd English

Judith Fifield

Sandra Fitz

Amanda Foxx

Jean Frazier

Wayne Frazier

Friends of the Lexington Public Library

Jerold and Mary Lou Friesen

Lynn Furness

Jack and Debbie Gallagher

Kathleen Gannoe

Alexander Garcia

Anne P. Gay

Chris J. Gay

Ruth Ann Gaylord

Michael Genovese

Deborah Press Gerth

Sarah and Frederick Gibbs

Esther J. Gissing

Kim & John Glenney

Eugene Glowatch

John Gohmann

Kathleen Gross

Dennis Hacker

Gregory L. Hager

Mary Wis & Ben Haggin

Lindsey Hammerslag

Hanna-McCord Family Charitable Fund

Susan Harkins

Wendy Harper

Phyllis R. Hasbrouck

Tonya Head

Donna Hill

Naomi Clewett and Brian Hocevar

Connie HolmanMarnie Holoubek

Shawntaye Hopkins

Dean Hunt

Louetta Hurst

Kevin Imai

Jay Ingle

Alice & Lindsey Ingram

Mary L. Ireland

Sandra B. Ireland

Ron and Judith Isaacs

Louis W. Jaquith

B & E Jones Charitable Family Foundation

Bonnie Jones

Larry and Debbie Jones

Libby Jones

Lucy Jones

AJ & Amy Jutte

Wendi Keene

Keeneland Association


Anne C. Kemp

Randy Kemper

Keith Key

Richard A. Kielar

Karen E. King

Kathy Kluemper

Dan & Cassondra Koett

Angie Smith - KPR Architectural Products

Joe Kratzat

Sandra Kryst

Zee Faulkner Kurfees

Elaine Landry

Rachel Laudan

Vida Laureano

Dena R Lawing

James E. Lee

Nathan and Blair Lee

William J. Leffler

Todd Lemley

Jo W. Leone

LG&E and KU Foundation, Inc.

Little English

Kathy Loeb

Bo Hai Loh

Charles B. Lovell

Mary Luken

Rebecca Lutz

Jane Manning

Marksbury Family Foundation

Janet Marshall

Marsh & McLennan

Lynda J. Matusek

McBrayer PLLC

Elizabeth McLaren

Pope and Betty Ann McLean

Mary Ann McMurry

Robert Meadows

Thomas Meng

George M. Van Meter

Linda J. Miller

Freddie Mills

Chase Minnifield

Kate Mitzenmacher

Jean R. Moore

Margaret Morrison

Charlotte F. Moss

David & Marcy Moynihan

Mt. Brilliant Family Foundation

Carly Muetterties

Muir House Foundation

Virginia F. Murphy

Laura Haydon and John Van Nagell

Stephanie Nallia

Carl W. Nathe

Lynna Nguyen

NiSource Charitable Foundation/Columbia Gas of Kentucky

Ellen and Allen Norvell

Tom OBrien

Jean O'Daniel

Jackie Oldiges

Devin Onkst

Eddie K. and Phyllis B. Parker

Jordan Parker

Matt & Lauren Parsons

Jane and B Patterson

Raymond Paulick

John & Beth Phillips

Janet Pike

PNC Financial Services Group

PNC Foundation

Angela Poe

Rebecca Poppe

Hunter Porter

Nancy Barnett & Michael Potapov

Griggs & Molly Powell

Brian Powers

Robert Preston

Daryl Privott

Katherine A Profitt

Carolyn F. Purcell

Nadia Rasheed

Edward A. Receski

Reese and Becky Reinhold

Toni Reiss

Jennifer Reynolds

Dana Richards

Kathleen E Richardson

Louise C. Robinson

Phyllis Robinson

Rosenstein Family Charitable Foundation Inc

Cassidy Rosenthal

Ali Rossi

Jane Rowady

Salomon & Company

Morris Sammons

Tamara Sanderson

Nat H. Sandler

Arturo Sandoval

Lisa Satin

Roger Paige and Sara J. Schoenberg

Paul A. Schwartz

Carol Searcy

Sandra Senft

Serrate Family

Brett & Billie Jo Setzer

Sally Shafer

Sanjay and Mital Shah

Marianne H. Sherman

Collis Sledd

Lawrence T. & Chris Smith

Paige Halpin Smith

Susan E Spires

Suzanna Stammer

Scott & Julia Stevens

Joan Stewart

Susan Stewart

Susie Stewart

Suzanne Stewart

Ann & Barry Stilz

Stites & Harbison PLLC

Margaret Stoeckinger

Jim Stokes and Jo Ann Czekalski

William Bartram and Eloise Williams Sturgill Family Foundation Inc

SVN Stone Commercial Real Estate

Chen Ling Tai

McGriff Insurance Services

Tempur Sealy

Cathy Thompson

Selma J. Towner

Traditional Bank

Jimmy Turek & Marin Fiske

Gerald and Florence Urban

Will Van Meter

Vicki L. Vance

Jewel Vanderhoef

Laurance B. VanMeter

Vinodh Venugopal

Lynn Vera

David L. Walker

Jim & Cindy Ware

Sidney L. Webb

Nila Wells

Yajaira Aich West

Holly Wiedemann

Robert Wildman

Harvie B. Wilkinson

Sharon Kay Williams

John and Jacqueline Van Willigen

Carol Wills

Charlotte Wood

Susan Wright

George & Betty Yates

Donations in Memory or Honor of:

Daniel D. and Jennifer M. Brock in memory of Phyllis Jenness

Rod Brotherton in honor of JoJo Yuan

Luann Burnett in memory of Anna Elizabeth Burnett

Megan Kleinline George in memory of Margaret George

Frank Goad in memory of Anne F. Goad

Timothy Hughes Jr in memory of Bob Hughes

Rona Roberts & Steve Kay in memory of Ruth H. and Lisle V. Roberts

Suzanne Kifer in memory of Susan Durant

John and Carolyn Looff in memory of Donald Sands

Vicki Luciano in memory of Celesta Poplin Boggs

Suzanne Mcintosh in memory of Ann McIntosh

Connie McNeely in memory of Miriam Stambaugh

Betty Nigoff in honor of Stephanie Barrett

Dave & Lisa Norat in memory of William "Bill" Gibbs

Robyn Tylar Saur in honor of Josephine Garis Cochran

Christopher Reames in honor of Pippa Reames

Catherine Reilender in honor of Betty Abshimani

Tim and Judy Riddell in memory of Evoyd and Linda Horsley

Kathleen Stamm in memory of Anita Rhea & Lyon DeWitt

Kimberly Wickens in honor of The Kentucky Room

Laca Woodson in memory of Grandmother Lota Miller