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Kentucky Room Digital Archives - Copyright Information

The Lexington Public Library has made an effort to ensure that all of our digital collections are public domain, or that we have gotten approval from the copyright holders to display their work. Most - but not all - of these collections, to the best of our knowledge, have no known US copyright restrictions. Some items in the collection are under copyright but qualify for online display by libraries under Section 108(h) of United States Copyright Law. Some of the collections provided in the Library's Digital Archives are made available under an assertion of fair use, which does not necessarily apply to an individual's use of them.

Despite our best efforts to determine the legal status, however, these items may still be subject to copyright, rights of privacy, rights of publicity and other restrictions. Copyright is protected by federal law under the United States Copyright Act and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and each nation has its own copyright requirements. Privacy and publicity rights are governed by state law. It is the responsibility of the individual to determine the legal status of the image before using it, and to gain necessary permissions from copyright holders or affected parties.

Please go to the government's Copyright Office at www.copyright.gov to learn more about US copyright.

Though not required, we would greatly appreciate our Digital Archives users to credit us as the source. Please use the following statement, "Courtesy of the Lexington Public Library," and provide a link back to the item or collection on our Digital Archives site. Doing so helps us track how our collections are used and helps justify freely releasing even more content in the future. If you are using our Digital Archives with intention to publish in any form, please contact the Library at elibrarian@lexpublib.org for permission questions, collection information, and higher resolution image requests.

If you have more information about material on our websites, or if you are a copyright holder for our online material, and believe our websites have not properly attributed your work or have used it without permission, please contact elibrarian@lexpublib.org with your contact information and a link to the relevant content.