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Foreign Film Classics: VAGABOND

Foreign Film Classics: VAGABOND (France, 1985) 105 minutes. Actress Sandrine Bonnaire won a Cesar award for her portrayal of Mona, a defiant young drifter who is found in a ditch. Using a largely non-professional cast, famed New Wave filmmaker Agnes Varda recollects Mona's story through the flashbacks of those who encountered her, producing the splintered portrait of an enigmatic woman.

"The Meeting" by Jeff Stetson

Message Theater presents Jeff Stetson's one act play, "The Meeting". Tickets $15. Tickets discounted for students and seniors. The setting for this fictitious conversation between Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is a hotel room the night after the bombing of Malcolm X house and a week before his fatal speech at the famed Audubon ballroom.


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