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K-1st grade

Stellar Science

Meet a variety of stellar superheroes of science (including Neil Armstrong, Rachel Carson, and Albert Einstein)! Program will include hands-on activities and demonstrations. Presented by the Living Arts and Science Center.

Wanna be a Grossologist?

Join us for a disgusting course in Grossology, the science of yucky things like germs, slime, and snot! This is certain to be your grossest library experience ever as we learn some fascinating facts about yucky stuff and make some really gross things to take home with you! For ages 6-10. Reservations required.

Superhero Science

Jason Lindsey, aka 'Mr. Science', will show how superheroes benefit from science. Attendees will help 'Mr. Science' use a leaf blower shoot toilet paper through the air,
attempt to pull two phone books apart and more.

Happily Ever After

Fairy tale favorites Little Red Riding Hood, Rumpelstiltskin, Rapunzel and The Elves & the Shoemaker are brought to life by the talented actors from Bright Star Theatre. For ages 6-12. Reservations are required.

Amazing Animal Aviators

Wildlife biologist Bob Tarter will showcase a global variety of avian, mammal and reptile species with the amazing ability to fly or glide. See a Eurasian eagle owl, Amazon parrot, hawk, flying squirrels and parachute geckos up close and personal.


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