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Tates Creek Classic Horror Film Club Picks

The Tates Creek Classic Horror Film Club meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30. Come and join us...if you dare! If you'd rather stay in the safety of your own home, silly human, here are some of the fantastic films we've lived through.

Derek's All-time Favorite Movies

After creating a list of my recent favorites I thought it would be fitting to share a selection of my all-time favorite movies.  While many are recognizable classics (both old and new) there are also many more obscure selections waiting to be checked out and enjoyed.  Like with great writing, great film-making is a timeless art form; the effect of which resonates in your memory long after the credits have rolled.  Here is an list of some of the movies which have had this effect on me.

Derek's Recent Favorite Movies

Having in the past worked outside of the library at a video rental store, then five years at a major entertainment retailer, and currently spending a few evenings a week behind the concessions counter at the Kentucky Theatre I've seen my fair share of movies over the years.  Here's a good sampling of some of my favorites which have been made during the time I've been employed by the Lexington Public Library.

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