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Jenny Lewis - Librarian, Central Library
by Bryson, Bill.

Length: 324 p. ;


Publisher: Morrow, New York : 1995.

I like reading non-fiction that reads like a great story. When non-fiction is done well you feel connected to the people being written about and you feel like you are right there with them.

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Tonya Head - Manager, Central Library
by Barker, Pat

Length: 251 p. ;


Publisher: Dutton, New York, N.Y. : 1992.

I love history, so I have been riveted by the BBC series, Downton Abbey.  As many of you probably know, it takes place during the Edwardian period in England right before and during World War

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Kathy Phillips - Librarian, Central Library

I love reading non-fiction. As a librarian, I admire the amount of research an author must undertake to write a book on any subject.

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Kimball Winters - Library Associate, Tates Creek Branch

These titles present Christian teachings geared toward enjoying the fullness of human life.

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