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Staff Picks

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Theresa McCarty
Children's Librarian, Beaumont Branch
For children in grades 2-8, listed with the easiest first.  These books have a higher interest level for challenged readers.  Fun reads are promised!
Kelly Lamm
Manager, Eastside Branch
A selection of books about friendship for children of all ages.


Ann Hammond
Library Executive Director
I enjoy stories of people who manage to overcome obstacles and find happiness together. It can be pretty much any genre of fiction and any time period, but the people involved...
Heather Wingfield
Assistant Manager, Beaumont Branch
I lead a busy life. I often don’t have the time to sit down and read several chapters of a novel, and it might be weeks before I pick up the book again.  For me short stories are...
Rob Parmley
Manager, Central Library
Do you know Zaphod Beeblebrox? If so, the following list of books might be for you.  Like Mr. Beeblebrox, these books are somewhat eclectic, but filled with their fair share of...


Cathy Howell
Cataloging Supervisor, Central Library
As the manager of a department that orders all the new books for the library I see a lot of titles.  But anytime a “more than a cookbook” comes through I always take notice.These...
Kelli Parmley
Manager, Outreach Services
Reading about sports can be almost as exciting as watching them.  Here are some of my favorites.
Jenny Lewis
Assistant Manager, Village Branch
I like reading non-fiction that reads like a great story. When non-fiction is done well you feel connected to the people being written about and you feel like you are right there...
Kathy Phillips
Librarian, Central Library
I love reading non-fiction. As a librarian, I admire the amount of research an author must undertake to write a book on any subject. As a reader, I am riveted by the wide variety...
Mariam Addarrat
Librarian, Central Library
The uprisings in the Middle East seemingly exploded out of the blue in the winter of 2010. But it’s a phenomenon that has been simmering for decades; and is currently one of the...

Personal Favorites

Erin West
Librarian, Central Library
I don't have a type. Really. I'll read just about anything if the story is compelling. I could read any of the books on this list over again and enjoy it just as much as the first...
Jamie West
Circulation Supervisor, Beaumont Branch
As you can probably tell from my list, I like moody, atmospheric books along with some fun sci-fi and fantasy adventures.  One of the most enjoyable things to do when reading (to...
Caleb Dunaway
Librarian Assistant, Beaumont Branch
Let's face it: life can often be downright weird. And it certainly never packages itself into nice, neat, well-defined concepts like "genre", or, in fact, ever attempts to make...
Rebecca Montaño-Smith
Assistant Manager, Eastside Branch
These are the books that I buy and give away. These are the books that I recommend over and over again. Some are new, some are old but all of them made the cut.
Caleb Ritchie
Computer Aide, Northside Branch
From real science that seems unreal, to speculative worlds that seem all too likely, this group of books is bound to give you food for thought as well as an engrossing reading...
J.P. Johnson
Librarian Assistant, Central Library
This is a list of recent Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Queer materials available from the Lexington Public Library, updated monthly. It includes fiction and nonfiction...
Heather Prichard
Librarian, Tates Creek Branch
These books shouldn’t be confined to a specific reader age range. They are all powerful stories of individuals in a dangerous, fantastic, deadly, harsh, magical and important time...
Tonya Head
Director of Library Collections
I love history, so I have been riveted by the BBC series, Downton Abbey.  As many of you probably know, it takes place during the Edwardian period in England right before and...
AnnaMarie Cornett
Administrative Support Coordinator
Whether it’s little books with big ideas or big, heavy books that take weeks to get through, I love big books. Big, encapsulating, books with sentences that make me melt into a...

Movies & Television

Librarian Assistant, Central Library
Having in the past worked outside of the library at a video rental store, then five years at a major entertainment retailer, and currently spending a few evenings a week behind...
Librarian Assistant, Central Library
After creating a list of my recent favorites I thought it would be fitting to share a selection of my all-time favorite movies.  While many are recognizable classics (both old and...
Heather Prichard
Librarian, Tates Creek Branch
The Tates Creek Classic Horror Film Club meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30. Come and join us...if you dare! If you'd rather stay in the safety of your own home, silly...
Bobby Webb
Virtual Librarian, Central Library
Break out your Rubik's Cube, put on your parachute pants, and relive a decade of pop culture with these totally awesome classics from the 1980s.
Bobby Webb
Virtual Librarian, Central Library
Whether you're catching up on all things Star Wars or reliving a lifetime's worth of favorite moments, this list is a great starting point.  Remember, the force will be with you,...


Caleb Dunaway
Librarian Assistant, Beaumont Branch
An expansive buffet of literary selections for young adults, drawn from all varieties and flavors of books.
Katie Camp
Children's Librarian, Beaumont Branch
Are you looking for an unconventional love story to follow Twilight?  Do you prefer characters that aren’t entirely human?  All of these stories include the element of romance...
Katie Camp
Children’s Librarian, Beaumont Branch
Imagine life in a post-apocalyptic world gone wrong.  (Think Hunger Games.)  Recommended for grades 7-12, but adults will enjoy these titles, too.
Katie Camp
Children’s Librarian, Beaumont Branch
These titles range from realistic fiction to fantasy and thrillers.