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Side-Projects: Episode 1 - Northside Digital Studio instructor Stevie Moore


"Side-Projects", profiles of the Lexington Public Library's staff activities outside of work. Episode 1 features artist and Northside Digital Studio instructor Stevie Moore.


About the Project


Urban Wildlife is brought to you by the North Limestone Neighborhood Association (NLNA), in partnership with Luigart Studio & Gallery and Kentucky Utilities Company (KU).  Funding was provided through an EcoArt Grant from the Department of Environmental Quality. This series of four, large-scale digital paintings and an educational panel were created by Lexington artist Stevie Moore in collaboration with project facilitator, Sarah Campbell.  The work aims to educate the community about wildlife that exists within the city environment as well as actions citizens can take to create a safe and welcoming urban wildlife environment.

Urban Wildlife is the first of many public art displays planned by the NLNA. Within the next 5 years, the association aims to install at least 15 additional panels at this location and rotate artwork within the permanent steel frames.  Future exhibits will celebrate local history and explore community values and concerns.  NLNA is currently seeking grants, sponsors, and donations to support the continuation of the project.


About the Artists


Stevie Moore (Artist) holds a BA in Art from the University of Kentucky. He has a studio at Luigart Studio & Gallery where he focuses on nature related artwork in traditional and digital media – including painting, drawing, and Photoshop.  He feels that illustrating Natural History is “an excellent process for evoking emotional responses while stimulating scientific, artistic, and educational interest." Moore currently works in the Digital Media Lab at North Branch Library and as a teacher for the Living Arts and Science Center.

Sarah Campbell (Project Designer/Facilitator) holds an MST in Art Education from Rochester Institute of Technology and a BFA in Studio Art and English from Transylvania University. Sarah enjoys creating art in a variety of media, both independently and in collaboration with fellow artists and community members. Sarah is the Art Education Coordinator at the Living Arts & Science Center and co-owns Luigart Studio & Gallery.

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