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Ceiling Clock & Foucault Pendulum

Project History

In 2001, Lexington philanthropist Lucille Caudill Little dreamed of a huge ceiling clock adorning the Central Library rotunda. Due to her generosity, her dream became a reality. Today, our rotunda has been transformed by the world’s largest ceiling clock, a five story Foucault pendulum and a frieze depicting the history of the horse in the Bluegrass. The project is a memorial to Mrs. Little’s husband W. Paul Little and their family friend Charles H. Jett III. It was designed by another family friend, Lexington artist Adalin Wichman.

Construction on the project began in late October 2001, with the erection of a four-story tall scaffolding in the rotunda. The clock, built by the Verdin Clock Co. of Cincinnati, was installed on the fourth floor ceiling in late November, after which the terrazzo floor, the frieze, and the pendulum were installed. Mrs. Little started the library’s pendulum on New Year’s Eve by burning the cord holding the plumb bob in place.

Project Components

Foucault Pendulum Links

Clock Links

  • Verdin Company
    The creator of LPL’s ceiling clock is the largest supplier of bells, carillons and clocks in the world.

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