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Computer Class

Game On! Create Your Own Computer Game!

Come learn what it takes to build your very own computer game! With RPGMaker, you can create your own maps, characters, enemies and more!  With this class, you'll learn the basics, so that you can get started creating your own adventure. Once you've made your game, you can export it and have all your friends play it too! 2-day class. Be sure to bring your own flash drive to save your work. Ages 12-15. Registration required by phone (859) 231-5587 beginning 2 weeks before the first session.

Windows Basics

Explore the newest version of Windows, Windows 10. Customize your Start menu. Add shortcut icons and personalize your desktop. Make the task bar work for you! Prerequisite: PC Basics or previous knowledge of earlier versions of Windows.

PC Basics

Save your work and find it again. Create folders, learn how to move saved documents and pictures from one place to another, and discover the tools to keep your computer organized. Prerequisite: Students should be able to use the mouse and keyboard.


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