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Computer Class

Open Office: Calc

Explore some of the uses of Open Office Calc as a free alternative to Microsoft Excel. Students will get a brief overview of differences and similarities, work with time functions, examine advanced formatting options, charts and pivot tables. Prerequisite: Solid familiarity with spreadsheet programs or Advanced Features of Excel 2013.

Introduction to Pinterest

Pinterest is a popular social media site for creating virtual pin boards of the things you discover online. With Pinterest, you can create and share pin boards on any subject you can imagine, from vintage cars to funny cat videos to your favorite tutorials. Join the fun and explore what other people are pinning. Prerequisite: Internet basics. Must have a Valid Email Address.

Introduction to Photoshop

Fix "Red-eye" and remove blemishes from portraits. Learn how to combine several images into a single photo and move parts of one photo to another and add titles and text. Prerequisite: Introduction to MS Word 2013 or previous experience with photo manipulation software.


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