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Computer Class

After Effects Basics

Learn how to use the professional film and television industry standard software to create your own video project. This class will cover basic video and audio editing, as well as adding audio and video effects.

Prerequisite: Prior experience with Adobe or Video-editing software.

Windows 8 Basics

Help! Where did the desktop go? Rediscover the things Windows 8 is hiding from you, how to control those pesky full screen apps, and what charms are good for. Prerequisite: PC Basics or previous knowledge of file storage and mouse use.

Open Office: Calc

Explore some of the uses of Open Office Calc as a free alternative to Microsoft Excel. Students will get a brief overview of differences and similarities, work with time functions, examine advanced formatting options, charts and pivot tables. Prerequisite: Solid familiarity with spreadsheet programs or Advanced Features of Excel 2013.


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