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Computer Class

Windows 8 Basics

Learners will discover how to effectively navigate in Windows 8. Participants tour the Start screen and experiment with touch gestures, live tiles, and charms. This workshop also shows how to work efficiently with snap and keyboard shortcuts. Prerequisite: PC Basics.

Selling your Crafts on

Learn how to sign up, build, and run your very own Etsy Shop. We'll talk about how to format and upload images, write interesting and engaging product descriptions, keep yourself organized for tax time, and tackle the dreaded question: How much should I charge? Prerequisite: Internet Basics or moderate experience with online forms.

PC Basics

This workshop is designed for an audience that is new to computing. Learners will discover how to access the desktop, how to save, create, and move files and folders; and how to pin important stuff to the Start screen. Prerequisite: Students should be able to use the mouse and keyboard.

Open Office: Writer

Explore some of the uses of Open Office Writer as a free alternative to Microsoft Word. Students will get a brief overview of differences and similarities, make a simple form and examine how mail merge works in Writer. Prerequisite: Solid familiarity with word processing programs or Advanced Features of MS Word 2013.

Online Storage: Access your files from anywhere

This workshop introduces the cloud storage and highlights Microsoft SkyDrive as well as introducing students to other free storage websites. Learners will discover how online storage can work for them and how to access their stored files from anywhere they have an internet connection. Prerequisite: Internet Basics or previous Internet experience. Must have a working cell phone number to create an account.


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