Books To Read In Kindergarten

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Bear Snores On

Image of Bear Snores On
Author: Karma Wilson
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry (2002)
Binding: Hardcover, 40 pages

On a cold winter night, many animals gather to party in the cave of a sleeping bear who awakens and protests he has missed the food and the fun.

Questions to talk about with your child: 
Why does Bear sleep all winter? What is hibernation?
What other animals hibernate?
What is a lair? What do you think the inside of a cave would be like?
What foods would you like to eat after sleeping all winter?
Why do all of the animals run out of the cave when Bear wakes up? What sounds does he make? Would you be afraid?
Fun things to do together: 
Put two chairs together and drape a blanket over them to create your own lair for playing and napping.
Use magazines to cut out pictures of favorite foods. Glue them to paper plates and serve them to stuffed animals.
Sing The Bear Went Over the Mountain and act out Going on a Bear Hunt.
Cook together. Make stew, pop some popcorn, and brew tea.
To emphasize the story’s rhyming text and play with the sounds of the words, make flash cards for all the rhyming words in the story. Mix them up and try to match them. Think of more words that rhyme with those in the story and make more cards for those.
Book Skills
Tell A Story (Narrative Skills): 
The story has a straightforward plot progression with multiple simple plot developments which make it perfect for retelling to practice describing events in order from beginning to end.
Make Sounds (Phonological Awareness) : 
This story has rhyming text that offers children the opportunity to hear and play with the smaller sounds of words. Children enjoy rhymes because they have a sing-song, rhythmic quality that makes them fun to read.