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The Lexington Public Library Foundation advocated in support of public policies at the Federal, State, and Local levels that support public libraries and public library funding.



Our libraries are vital to workforce
development, providing a place for
those currently employed and/or
seeking employment to learn
professional & essential skills, seek
resume assistance plus interview
tips, and apply for jobs online.


Early Childhood

LPL spends $400,000 annually to 
promote early childhood literacy and
kindergarten readiness with children’s
books, storytime programs, and play
elements designed to promote
gross/fine motor skills & language
development. In FY17, children’s
items were borrowed 812,195 times!


Community services are designed
to bring reading materials,
educational classes, and cultural
enrichment to those who cannot
physically visit our libraries. These
services focus on early childcare
centers, senior living facilities, and
the physically disabled.

Lexington Public

Heather Dieffenbach
Executive Director


Libraries are centers for learning, gathering, and
developing. Lexingtonians averaged
98,000 weekend computer sessions in
FY17. It costs over $500,000 yearly to
open six locations on weekends.


Two local branches offer live
homework help. K-12 students also
receive free help daily
from virtual professional tutors via
LPL'S website. Library cards issued to
45,000 public school students.

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