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Board of Trustees

The Lexington Public Library is governed by a Board of Trustees which is charged with oversight of Library policies and finances. The Board consists of seven members, appointed by the Mayor of the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government and approved by the Urban County Council. Board members serve a four-year term and may serve no more than two consecutive terms.

Board and Committee Meeting Schedule

Board Meetings

Board Meetings are held second Wednesday of each month at 4:30pm at the location noted below.

*All meetings are currently being held at the Northside Branch.


  • July 8 - YouTube
  • August 12 - YouTube
  • September 9 - YouTube
  • September 16 (Emergency Special Called Meeting) - YouTube
  • October 14 (Special Board Meeting) - Village Branch
  • November 11 - YouTube
  • December 9 - YouTube


Board Committee Meetings

Board Committee Meetings; held at 4:30PM in the Board Room of the Central Library unless otherwise noted.

*All meetings are currently being held at the Northside Branch.

Building and Property: meets monthly on the Monday before the Board meeting.

Board Development: meets monthly on the Tuesday before the Board meeting.

Budget and Finance: meets at 3:30 before the Board Meeting at the location of the Board meeting.

Advisory Board

The Library also has an Advisory Board of up to 10 members. Members of the Advisory Board attend Board of Trustee meetings, participate in discussions at those meetings, and serve on standing and ad hoc Board committees.

Past Board Meeting Minutes

How to Become a Member of the Board

The Lexington Public Library Board consists of 7 Trustees. The Advisory Board consists of 10 members. All members are appointed by the Mayor.

Are you interested in serving on the Library Board of Trustees? Click here for more information.

Library Board Orientation

To adequately prepare new Board members for their role within the organization, an orientation process has been established.

View the Board Orientation information