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Can't get into databases from home?

The following have been at the root of past access problems:

Vendor technical problems
Database vendor servers occasionally go down for short periods. In such cases, wait several minutes before attempting access again. Scheduled downtimes (i.e. for maintenance) are typically noted on the individual databases.

Firewall software
Firewall software may interfere with the login/authentication that allows access to LPL databases. The most common sign that firewall settings are at fault is the appearance of a database login/password page after a library card number has been successfully submitted.

You should not need to disable your firewall. Rather, enable URL referring and/or add database base URLs to your firewall's list of approved websites. See Database URLs for Firewall Software for a list of URLs associated with each database.


Internet Provider

Sometimes Internet providers block information that is passed from one website to another. We have found that some customers have had issues from time to time with Insight Cable Internet. These customers have reported that powering down and powering up their cable modem has helped to resolve the issue. You may also want to contact Insight and ask them to reset your connection to see if this corrects the issue you are experiencing.


Bookmarks and favorites

Several LPL databases will not work with bookmarks or favorites. In these cases, access the database-in-question via an LPL webpage link (i.e. or the LPL catalog (


Your web browser

LPL databases are compatible with current versions of Internet Explorer (6.0+) for Windows and Safari (2.0+) for Macintosh.  Most are also compatible with recent versions of Firefox (1.5+) and Opera (8.0+). It is recommended that you do not use the America Online Browser.


Your web browser settings

  • Security settings: Many of our databases are inaccessible when security settings are at their highest - check your web browser’s status under Internet Options or Preferences.
  • Cookies: Your browser must accept cookies to successfully access LPL databases - check your web browser’s status under Internet Options or Preferences.
  • Java and JavaScript: Many databases use JavaScript or Java and, in these cases, your web browser must have Java and JavaScript enabled - check your web browser’s status under Internet Options or Preferences.
  • Check and make sure your internet browser is passing a Referrer URL

    Some databases require a referrer URL. To allow access, click the link below and make sure that is listed under the Referrer: area:


If not, then you may need to contact your browser or firewall provider. Some antivirus or privacy software can also block this referrer URL, so you may want to try contacting them as well. Please call the technical support number for your browser and security software, as Lexington Public Library staff cannot provide support for all possible software configurations.


None of the above

If your problems persist, please Ask a Librarian and have the following information ready:

  • The database you are unable to access.
  • Whether or not you are able to access another database.
  • The web browser and version you are using (ie Internet Explorer 7.0).
  • The Operating System you are using (ie MacOS 10, Windows 7).
  • Any error message you see.